Immune Boost 603


Brand: ViteGlobal

Product Description

Complete Immune Blend
An immune modulator that assists the lymphatic system in secreting specific fluids that control the amount of white blood cell activity. Immune Boost is unique as it can be used on a daily basis unlike products containing echinacea or other natural antibiotics. Immune Boost actually feeds the thymus, cleansing the lymphatic system, and ensuring your own body can produce and supply the right amount of white blood cells when necessary.  Each bottle contains a one-month supply.
  • Use daily as a nutrient to boost/help your lymphatic and glandular system
  • Use for colds and the flu (under active immune system)
  • Excellent for allergies (over active immune system)
  • Double the dose to boost T and B cell activity
  • Safe for children and adults
Other Ingredients: 100% pure Hypromellose (capsule)
Recommended Usage: One (1) capsule in the morning and one (1) capsule in the evening.
“I wanted to express how grateful I am to you for your products. From early on in childhood I began to develop allergies to many fruits (melons, avocado, bananas) and vegetables (celery, cucumber) as well as tree nuts. I also experienced severe
seasonal allergies which would aggravate my asthma and result in sinus infections or chronic coughs. After a simple blood test it was found that I was not breaking down carbohydrates fully. This was causing an excess of sugars in my bloodstream, and, as a result, a growth of fungus had occurred. After taking the recommended
dosage of your Systemic Zyme and Immune Boost, in just 2 weeks, I began to see significant improvement in my seasonal allergies and my food allergies were completely gone! And within just a couple of months my seasonal allergies are completely gone as well. I have been using the products on a regular basis for the last
2 years and am constantly telling people about how great I feel. Since taking the products I have only had 1 sick day! I would, and do, recommend your products to everyone! Thank you for all you have done!”
T. Frandsen, Utah