Systemic Zyme 201


Brand: ViteGlobal

Product Description

  • Complete Digestive and Systemic Enzyme formula
Systemic Zyme is specially formulated to aid in the metabolism of all foods, with an emphasis on all the varieties of carbohydrates, starches, fats, proteins and fibers. This formula contains eight enzymes and some selected macro minerals to act as co-factors to “trigger” the enzymes into action. Four of the enzymes specifically aid
in the processing of sugars to maintain proper glucose and insulin levels. Systemic Zyme is derived from Aspergillus and is effective at all pH levels and body temperatures; unlike bromelain, papain and pancreatic enzymes. A special type of cinnamon is included which has been shown effective at stabilizing glucose levels in type II diabetics.
  • Beneficial for those with Diabetes
  • Stabilize blood glucose levels
  • Safe for children and adults
Recommended Usage: Two (2) capsules with each meal.
Capsules are 100% Pure Hypromellose Capsules (HPMC). They are SLS free, Ti02 free and do not contain carcinogens.
This product contains the following enzymes needed for digestion and assimilation of food:
Protease: Breaks down proteins.
Amylase: Breaks down starches, carbohydrates, and some sugars.
Lipase: Breaks down fats.
Cellulase: Breaks down soluble dietary fibers.
Sucrase: Breaks down cane and beet sugar.
Maltase: Breaks down malt or grain sugar.
Lactase: Breaks down milk sugar.
Alpha Galactosidase: Breaks down glycolipids and glycoproteins.
Coral Calcium: Calcium is the main component of teeth and bones.
  • Helps regulate blood pressure, excitability of nerves and contractibility of muscles and heart.
  • Helps control blood clotting and required for absorption of B-12. Aids in manufacture of acetylcholine, which helps transmit nerve impulses.
  • Provides energy and structures protein of RNA and DNA.
Magnesium Yeast: A magnesium rich in salt of citric acid.
Zinc Yeast: Zinc plays an essential role in RNA and DNA, involvement in growth, development and reproduction.
Cinnamon Cassia: The trade and use of cinnamon has a documented history of over 4000 years. Recently many studies have proven its effectiveness as an anti-viral, anti-cancer, and an effective treatment for diabetes.